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Pope Francis is inviting leaders of other faiths to work together “with the gentle strength of faith to end all conflicts.” His appeal comes as part of his discourse at an International Meeting for Peace, held in Rome and organized by the Community of Saint Egidio, entitled “No one is saved alone. Peace and Fraternity.”
Pope Francis participates in an International Prayer Meeting for Peace, in the presence of leaders of various Christian denominations, and urges everyone to follow Jesus\'s example of self-giving love in order to spread peace.
Protests of various kinds are being held in India against the Oct. 8 arrest of elderly Jesuit Father Stan Swamy in Ranchi. The priest, who has been charged for having links to a terrorist group, has been championing the rights of adivasis, or indigenous people, and dalits, formerly-known as untouchables.
Pope Francis participated in an ecumenical prayer service which was followed by an interreligious Meeting for Peace together with leaders of the world’s major religions in Rome. The event, entitled “No one is saved alone. Peace and Fraternity” was organized by the Community of saint Egidio.
The Holy See highlights integral ecology as a comprehensive approach to counter the impact of natural disasters, combat poverty, and protect nature, in a statement to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
Beyond the health emergency, COVID-19’s devastating toll on Africa is already being felt. Africa is on the path towards a social and economic emergency.
After Pope Francis received him in an audience on Monday, Peter Maurer, President of International Committee of the Red Cross, reflects on common values of the Holy See and the international organization, in an interview with Vatican News.
The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, grants an interview to Vatican media about Pope Francis’ Encyclical, saying Christians dream of our world as a united family.
The Higher Committee for Human Fraternity launches a world-wide search for persons embodying the “values of humility, humanitarianism and respect”.
Today we begin a series of stories on Vatican News dedicated to various initiatives which have blossomed throughout the world and are inspired by Pope Francis’ Laudato si’. In this special year aimed at highlighting the principles set out in the encyclical, we come across Abdullah Al Atrash, a young Italian-Syrian entrepreneur in the United Arab Emirates. Though a non-believer, he is a member of the Economy of Communion of the Focolare Movement. The company he runs employs mostly Asian and African migrants, guaranteeing them a salary and social support measures, all while observing the highest possible safety for both ...

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