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Zimbabwe’s Catholic Bishops have reiterated their appeal for food aid to the country. About 8 million people could starve if emergency assistance is not forthcoming.
As the Vatican workshop on ethics in Artificial Intelligence ends, Dr. Alexandru Floares speaks on the possibilities of medical innovation through collaboration between AI and human intellect.
Pope Francis sent a message to participants in a workshop titled, \"The \'Good\' Algorithm? Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, Law, Health\", organized by the Pontifical Academy for Life in the Vatican, February, 26-28.
The Annual Day of Prayer for Survivors and Victims of Sexual Abuse is being marked in Ireland on 28 February, the first Friday of Lent.
Following up on a plan announced at last year’s Meeting for the Protection of Minors in the Church, Pope Francis has launched a task force to help Bishops’ Conferences prepare and update child protection guidelines.
The schedule of Pope Francis has been modified for the second day, Friday, the Vatican Press Office said.
The Bishops of New Zealand say that a proposed Abortion Legislation Bill will remove the need for any statutory tests for an abortion up to 20 weeks’ gestation, effectively introducing abortion on demand.
Christian leaders have called on church institutions to open their doors to the victims of the riots in the spirit of Lent.
The Archbishop of Conakry exhorts the people and the political authorities of the Republic of Guinea put an end to \"useless conflicts\" as the country heads to the polls.
During the 40-day Lenten period, that begins with Ash Wednesday, Christians give in to prayer, penance, fasting, abstinence and works of mercy in preparation for Easter.

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Marsabit Leaders say they support BBI

Marsabit leaders have said they support the B BI as long as it is intended to unite Kenyans from tribal animosity. Led by the Marsabit Governor Mohamud Ali the leaders who have done consultations amongst themselves said they are supporting the president’s agenda of uniting the nation through BB

Prison Officers arrested transporting Somalis to unknown destination in Nairobi

By Machuki Dennson Three Prison Officers were on Thursday arrested while escorting foreigners in a government vehicle from Garissa to Nairobi. Constable Ali Hassan, Corporal Ibrahim Abdow & Sergeant Simon Kyalo Mwendwa were arrested at Mutwang’ombe along Mwingi-Garissa Highway ferrying 8 Somalis to unknown destination in Nairobi. Six juveniles and[Read More…]

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